Communications Ministry   -  

By Ellen Nichols

Today marks exactly two weeks before immense intimacy, growth, and being. As I and twenty-five other missionaries prepare our hearts to put ourselves in complete willingness for God to dwell in our hearts, we turn to one another in prayer, Adoration, and intense craft and skit planning. Like a wise leader of the 2019 mission team said, “It’s not about doing, but being.” And I believe that to be a great way to summarize what we are there to do.

Being with the sick and poor reflects how God stretches out his hand to those living a life of either physical or spiritual need. And we are all in need of that at some time or some point in our lives. Going into this mission, I have a plethora of emotions that fill my mind to its full capacity: eagerness, anxiousness, utter and complete joy, suspicion, and willingness are just a few.

Weekly meetings have given me some perspective and allowed me to have a small peek into the work, relationships, and growth that will occur during the mission. I know the smiles, laughter, and Godly discussion will all transfer over to the villages of Guatemala as our hearts expand with love for God’s people. We were all chosen for a reason. Whether it be for God to dwell more in our hearts, or for us share that wisdom with the people of Guatemala, we were all chosen. That’s what is so amazing to me. Something brought us there. And I’m ecstatic to see what God will teach us and what we can learn from the people of Guatemala as a team of disciples.

As Pope Francis says, “Mission is a Passion for Jesus and at the same time a Passion for His people.” So, as the day comes closer to us leaving, I encourage you to sign up for Adoration which will be going on throughout the mission, right here at the Prince of Peace campus! The power of prayer is truly moving and is deeply appreciated. We can’t wait to continue to share our experiences, feelings, and growth throughout the next few weeks, and we hope you’ll all tune in and keep us in your prayers!