God’s Love

Communications Ministry   -  

By Nelly Monrroy

Today’s Gospel was about the missionary disciples that Jesus Christ sent before him to evangelize. And today we were welcomed to el Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, our sister parish in Quiche, Guatemala.

We celebrated Mass with the community, and we were reminded that we are the Universal Church when we heard our brothers and sisters praise God in their native tongue. Although we did not understand a word that was being sung, we felt the spirit move within us.

Fr. Hector and Dcn. Pedro gave beautiful homilies that inspired us as missionaries; we were reminded that anything we do during the mission is because and for God. He called each one of us by name to be a part of this mission. He made it possible for us to prepare as much or as little as needed. He has shown us his blessings at each step. We were reminded of His love for us in the people we’ve met, the breeze that caressed our skins as we prayed, and in the rainbow we saw at the end of our day.

Today during our activities at the mini young adult retreat, some of us made connections, some of us made friends, but most importantly we shared God’s love with them as they shared that same love with us. And as Beatriz, one of the missionaries, said, “they have our hearts, and in turn, God has our hearts.”