Overflowing Love

Communications Ministry   -  

By Ellen Nichols

If I could personally summarize today in one word, it would be “overflowing.” What all does that entail? Well, for each one of the missionaries, it’s different. However, we can all relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed with emotion and passion for the brilliant children, touching home visits, and delicious food.

Our early morning start to the day consisted of coffee and prayer. The beginning of the day always has a hint of excitement to it because none of us know what God has planned for us. Different moments of the day strike a chord with each of the missionaries that further connect us to God and show us how He loves others with an overflowing passion, care, and love.

As we arrived at the school, we were welcomed with pine needle covered floors (which we soon learned serves as a sign of importance or royalty) and applauding children. Games, music, and skits soon turned some of the timidest children into the most outgoing and playful kids there. All of them are so willing to participate in all that we do entirely, and that makes it that much more fun and touching.

As the day continued, we received lunch prepared by the people of the village, and let me tell you…it was delicious. Los Cucos and Lupe Tortilla can’t compete. But aside from the food and children, many missionaries were touched by home visits. Walking into a home where your feet are met with dirt floors, your eyes encounter a dark room with minimal decorations, and your mind and body are completely moved by their way of life, it’s easy to become shocked and almost unworthy of the blessings we have at home.

It’s truly a joy to be apart of a team that stretches out our hands to those who need us, and more importantly, God. The list could go on for eternity of special moments that touched each of our hearts, but you’ll be reading much more of that as the week goes on. We appreciate your prayers and can’t wait to keep sharing with you how our hearts are being transformed and how God is working within the people of Guatemala and us!