Serving Hand in Hand

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By Alexis Scamman

We’ve arrived! It’s crazy to see how far we have come. Many of us did not know each other before our first mission training, and now we have embarked on a life-changing experience, serving hand in hand as a family.

This is my first time going on this mission. I am excited to get to go with my mom, dad, and my younger sister Taylor. We had heard about this mission in the past and finally wanted to experience it ourselves. The thing that drew me to this mission was that we are going to Guatemala with the sole purpose of being with the people over there. In Bob Goff’s book Everybody, Always, he writes, “There’s a big difference between knowing what someone’s doing and being with them while they do it… [God] jumped out of heaven and came as Immanuel because He wanted to be God with us.” I am very excited to get to go to Guatemala to be with the Guatemalan people and be with this team.

With this mission came lots of preparation and planning. A few weeks ago, we met at Susana and Carla’s house to plan skits that we will perform for children in the villages. We managed to get paint everywhere while making clouds, and we failed to keep our laughter contained while listening to each other try to mimic the sounds of animals. I have valued every minute we have gotten to spend together, and now we are ready to perform these skits for real. On Tuesday night, we met at Prince of Peace with some friends and family to pack action packers to take with us to Guatemala.

These containers hold everything from first aid supplies to coloring books to sports equipment. The majority of these things were generously donated from the members of the Prince of Peace Parish, and we cannot thank you enough. Packing night was filled with teamwork, laughter, pizza, lots of packing tape, and most importantly love for each other and this mission. This night was a glimpse of how special it is to be working together as a team. This group truly is such a God loving and selfless group of people, and I am grateful to get to serve alongside them.

On the way to Santa Cruz de Quiche, we experienced a treacherous ride up the steep mountainsides. We passed the time singing songs and praying the rosary. Now we have arrived at the hotel, and we cannot wait for the young adults retreat tomorrow!

I ask that you continue to keep this mission team in your prayers. Prayer is the most powerful tool of any mission, and we would not be able to do any of this without it. If you want to sign up to attend adoration to pray for us while we are in Guatemala, the sign up can be found below. We can’t wait to share more with y’all!