Utz Ipetik, Bienvenidos, Welcome

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By Alexis Scamman

Today was another fantastic day in Guatemala. So special that during our evening reflection, no one could pick just one moment that stood out to them the most. We have been showered in love here. We were fed not once but three times today, as well as given woven hats made by hand for us. As Patrick put it, these people are Jesus in the way that they love us unconditionally. They have given us more than we have been able to give them.

Today was the first time visiting the village Cucabaj. It was more beautiful than words can describe. In the morning, we were greeted again with the children’s cheers. They made us feel so welcome from the very beginning. They played the Guatemalan and the American national anthems and hung both flags with hands clasped between them to show unity between our two nations. Written on the wall were the words “utz ipetik, bienvenidos, welcome.” Quiche, their native language, Spanish, and English. But they weren’t just words; they were actions shown to us throughout the entire day. Later in the day when we went to Mass, the people of Cucabaj decorated the church for us. Seeing how little they have, yet being so willing to give is something I will take home with me.

The kids have also been nothing but loving and welcoming. It is so much fun to see them sing and dance. Verania and I were in charge of arts & crafts for the first grade. Verania said that today, in the classroom, she was reminded of how much she wants to be a teacher. All the kids would run up to her to show her their art. The reward she felt from seeing their bright smiling faces was all she needed to know that she is pursuing the right vocation.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support!