Agape Congress


This is a bilingual conference about love, identity, and living in today's culture.

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Who Can Attend

18 years old and up and 13 years old and up accompanied by a parent


June 28-29, 2024

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What We Do

For the high school congress, students have dinner, icebreakers, a keynote speaker, a session about the difference between men and women and a question and answer session.

For the adults congress, we begin with an icebreaker and opening prayer then the participants split based on their language preference. One group hears the keynote speaker first while the other group attends breakout sessions. We gather together for lunch and praise and worship music and then switch conference modes.

Why You Should Register

Because this congress offers valuable insights and guidance to build strong, respectful relationships and make informed decisions for a happier and fulfilling life.

Volunteer for the Agape Congress

Who Can Serve

18 years old and up

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers can help with:

Before the congress:

  • strategic planning
  • marketing
  • setting up the decorations
  • online registration
  • preparing name badges
  • taping materials to the walls for signage

During the congress:

  • check-in registration
  • greeting guests
  • taking care of guest speakers and their needs
  • audio/visual needs
  • serving food
  • cleaning up
When We Serve
  • Those helping with the strategic planning will meet monthly in preparation for the event.
  • Those helping right before the congress date will help within the week of the congress.
  •  Those helping on the day of will serve Friday night 5-9 pm and/or Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm
Why You Should Serve

Because it allows you to help others understand the importance of love versus lust, healthy relationships, making good choices in their lives, and how to preserve our freedom to do these things.

Required Safe Environment Training

If you are 18 years old and above, our archdiocese requires all adult volunteers to complete safe environment training.

This short one-hour online training teaches people how to create a secure and protected environment for everyone, especially children, by recognizing and preventing potential risks or harm.

Click here to register for Safe Environment Training.


Kevin N.: “Very eye opening, mind blowing information and tips. I wish more of my friends could have been present. Definitely worth coming to.”

Tracie G.: “I liked the topics and thought they were very relevant for the secular world. Please continue to do more Theology of the Body!!!”

Betsy Q.: “”Todo muy bien. Solo un poco más de tiempo en las sesiones.”

2023 Agape Congress

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Fran Schaeffer

Agape Congress Coordinator

Susan Gallagher

Director of Mercy Ministry

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