Emergency/Financial Assistance Program

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We provide financial assistance to people who have experienced an unexpected emergency resulting in financial hardship.

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Who Can Apply for Financial Assistance

Registered Parishioners (no less than 3 months registered) and anyone living in these zip codes: 77070, 77069, 77066, and 77064.

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Our Location

We are located at the
Mercy Center
19222 Tomball Parkway
Houston, TX 77070

If you have no transportation to our location, please call 281.469.2687 to discuss an alternative.

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Personal Documents Required Before the Interview


  • Signed Liability Release Form
  • ID for all members of the household
  • Lease Agreement or Mortgage Document
  • Proof of Current Emergency

If applicable:

  • Three-Day Vacate or Eviction Notice
  • Copy of Bill
  • Additional Relevant Documentation

Volunteer for Our Emergency/Financial Assistance Program

Who Can Serve

Any Safe-Environment-certified adult 18 and up.

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers screen and interview potential clients to provide support to those in need, including providing basic necessities, financial aid, and counseling services.

When We Serve

Assigned shifts between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm in the Mercy Center.

Why You Should Serve

Because it is a way to directly help those in need and live out the values of compassion and charity taught by Jesus.

Required Safe Environment Training

If you are 18 years old and above, our archdiocese requires all adult volunteers to complete safe environment training.

This short one-hour online training teaches people how to create a secure and protected environment for everyone, especially children, by recognizing and preventing potential risks or harm.

Click here to register for Safe Environment Training.


John: “ First, I want to sincerely thank you for helping to bless me with the POP financial donation to assist me in getting my badly needed dental work completed. I have begun the process and am currently waiting on the oral surgery to heal to get fitted for my bottom denture. Poor oral health has been a large contributor to my sad diabetic health. I wanted to share some good news with you, my December 6th A1C (3-month blood glucose reading) was 16. 6….my March 12th A1C was 9.6. Normal acceptable range for A1C is under 7. Such a large drop in a 3-month period is exceptional. With POP and my sister by my side, I am achieving my goals! POP has been so wonderful to me, not only with the financial help of its community and its 2nd Saturday food blessing (I met Bill in person at your food pantry), but [also] with its ability to make me feel safe, welcome, and help me keep my faith strong during all of life’s struggles. I feel I owe so much to the POP community. I have been thinking about how I can best be of service in return and although I am not currently able to give financially, I do have a few skill sets that may be of assistance. . . if POP has a need for development of new forms, pamphlets, etc…, please feel free to ask me to help. I will be happy to create/assist with any of those needsThanks again and I look forward to many more years as a POP parishioner.” 

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Susan Gallagher

Director of Mercy Ministry

Manuela Rodriguez (Bilingual)

Mercy Ministry Receptionist

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Call us during our office hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at 281.469.2686 or send us a message below.
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