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We are a supportive ministry where trained individuals, called spiritual directors, help guide and accompany others on their spiritual journey, helping them deepen their relationship with God and discern God's presence in their lives.

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Request a Catholic spiritual director if you would like to receive personalized guidance, support, and insight in your spiritual life, helping you grow in your relationship with God and navigate your faith journey.

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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is a “gathering together” of two in the name of Jesus, the spiritual director and the directee, to help a person develop a closer relationship with God and to better discern how the Holy Spirit is leading them in their life.


Who is a spiritual director?

A spiritual director is a skilled, compassionate listener who is interested in your spiritual journey and is committed to holding all discussions sacred and confidential.

A spiritual director is also trained and certified in Spiritual Direction through one of a number of programs recognized by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

A director is knowledgeable about Christian tradition and human development.

What is the responsibility of the one seeking spiritual direction?

A Directee comes to the sessions with an open heart, desiring and listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to commit to deepening one’s relationship with God through prayer.

Directees can share their prayer experiences and personal challenges and questions with the director, who will help them to see how God may be working in their lives.

What do you talk about in Spiritual Direction?

You will talk about prayer, about ways we communicate with God and the ways He communicates with you. The director will listen for God’s presence in your day-to-day life and help you become more aware of God’s grace in your life. The director listens, discerns, prays, and reflects back to you what is heard.

Is there a fee?

The ministry at Prince of Peace is a service to the community. The spiritual directors at Prince of Peace volunteer their time and do not personally accept compensation, and adhere to the Archdiocese’s guidelines for Ethical conduct.

Prince of Peace Spiritual Direction Ministry Commitment

The Prince of Peace Spiritual Direction Ministry is committed to being a companion to those who seek to love God more deeply and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We entrust our ministry and our lives to God’s compassion and mercy.

Learn More about Becoming a Spiritual Director

Who Can Become a Spiritual Director

Anyone who has a deep understanding of the Catholic faith, a personal spiritual life, and the necessary training can become a Catholic spiritual director.

What Spiritual Directors Do

A trained and certified Spiritual Director meets one-on-one at designated times to provide a listening ear and offer guidance and support, while maintaining strict confidentiality as they accompany individuals on their spiritual journey.

When Spiritual Directors Serve

The time commitment of Catholic spiritual directors varies, but it typically involves regular meetings or sessions with individuals seeking spiritual guidance, with the duration and frequency depending on the needs of the person being directed.

Why You Should Serve as a Spiritual Director

Seeking to become a trained and certified spiritual director allows individuals to serve others by offering guidance, support, and companionship on their spiritual journey, fostering a deeper understanding of faith, and helping others grow in their relationship with God.


Kathy Zerda: “Serving as a spiritual director for our parish has been an incredibly rewarding experience, as I’ve had the privilege of journeying alongside individuals, offering guidance, and witnessing their personal growth and deepened connection with their faith.”

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