Sacrament of Holy Orders and Vocations

I'd like to learn more about becoming a diocesan priest.
I'd like to learn more about becoming a priest or brother in a religious community.
I'd like to learn more about becoming a permanent deacon.
I'd like to learn more about becoming a religious sister or cloistered nun.
I'd like to explore what it means to be a consecrated virgin.
See the men and women from our community who have already answered the call to the priesthood or religious life.

What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is a special ceremony where men become priests or deacons to serve God and the Church. They learn how to lead the community, teach about God, and help people in their spiritual journey.

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More Information about This Sacrament

Why You Should Receive This Sacrament

Because it allows you to serve God and the Church in a special way as a priest, deacon, or bishop.

You can guide and support the community, celebrate Mass, and bring God’s love and forgiveness to people through the Sacraments.

Who Can Receive

Men who have discerned a calling from God to serve as priests or deacons in the Catholic Church, and who have undergone the necessary formation and training required by the Church.

Bishops, who are the successors of the apostles, can only be men and are chosen from among priests who are ordained to the episcopal office.

When and Where

A man typically receives the Sacrament of Holy Orders during a special ceremony called an ordination, which takes place in a church or cathedral.

The specific time and location of the ordination are determined by the local bishop or the religious order to which the man belongs.

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