Marriage Convalidation

What is a Marriage Convalidation?

Convalidation in the Catholic Church is when a Catholic couple, who got married outside the Church, want to make their marriage sacramentally valid and recognized by the Church.

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If you are previously married and want to inquire about the process of filing a Petition for Declaration of Nullity, we can help.

No matter the circumstances, we are here to assist you.

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Steps to Getting Your Marriage Convalidated

Convalidations involves a relatively simple process.

If you are married but not in the Catholic Church, we encourage you to take the step of having your marriage convalidated.

Request a Convalidation Consultation

The Convalidation Consultation is available for civilly married couples who wish to deepen their marriage commitment to one another and to Christ by becoming married in the eyes of the Church.

The Consultation is 1 hour and couples will be provided with information on the process and requirements for getting their marriage convalidated which can take 6 months to 2 years plus if an annulment is needed.

Convalidation Consultation Request Form

Gather Necessary Paperwork and Documents

You will need the following: baptismal records, evidence or testimony of freedom to marry in the church, a copy of civil marriage, and normal pre-marital paperwork.

If necessary, seek an annulment from any previous marriages, if the former spouse is not deceased.

Before a convalidation ceremony can be set, the couple needs approval. A priest or someone else will assist them with this.

If a Catholic wasn't married by a Catholic priest or with proper permission, they can opt for a shorter process without a formal annulment.

The diocesan tribunal usually processes this quickly and issues a declaration of nullity due to a "lack of canonical form."

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Participate in Marriage Preparation.

Canon law also requires some kind of preparation before receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Determine the date and most suitable type of ceremony.

Most couples opt for a simple ceremony where they renew their consent to the marriage, reaffirming their continued love and commitment before God and the Church.

Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Attend the sacrament of reconciliation to confess and repent.

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